Lithuanian Electric Vehicles Association (LEVA) has been founded on July 29th, 2010. The association united electric vehicles enthusiasts, companies operating in the fields of electric vehicles applications, conversion, and manufacturing. The association has formed two main goals: to encourage Lithuanian electric vehicles industry, and to help the spread and use of electric vehicles in Lithuanian market.

The electric vehicles market in the world is at its very early stages, we believe, that Lithuanian manufacturers can jump in into the new market that has been forming and compete with the global players. We believe that in this new technologically advanced market all the manufacturers are standing at the same starting line. New countries such as South African Republic, China, and India have big ambitions to enter the new market of electric vehicles. We believe that Lithuania should be among these countries too. 

Electric vehicles in Lithuania are as well a very young market, however as the consumers become more aware of the climate change, pollution, and increasing oil prices - electric vehicles become a real and rational alternative for regular vehicles. Currently, number of electric vehicles is below hundred, including electric motorcycles, scooters, bikes and other electric vehicles, yet we believe the market to grow very rapidly in the coming years. Lithuanian Electric Vehicles Association is your consultant and partner, which can provide you all information about the electric vehicles technologies, market trends, as well as contacts of electric vehicles enthusiasts, manufacturers, and companies doing retro-fitting of the regular cars.