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Apklausa - "Elektromobilių nepopuliarumas Lietuvoje"

Posted by Jurgita on March 2, 2015


Apklausa "Elektromobilių nepopuliarumas Lietuvoje"

Skatiname skirti kelias minutes brangaus savo laiko ir prisidėti bandant išsiaiškinti elektromobilių nepopuliarumo priežastis Lietuvoje. Anketa anoniminė. 


Posted by Chamomile on
>> Speak your own w0rds, Donald.>> Don’t imagine that you represent mio.hSn…weat are your words? Please define “Israel as Israel”. What should Hamas be required to accept? And what must Israel accept in return?
Posted by Sagi on
Lamar and Bynum, Bynum and Lamar. Which one will bring it? Will either bring it? Those are the real quinseots as we wend our way toward tipoff.
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