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Paryžius 2012. „Tesla“ elektromobiliai pasikraus per pusvalandį

Posted by on September 28, 2012

Paryžiaus automobilių parodos metu „Tesla“ pademonstravo naują elektromobilių įkrovimo sistemą „Supercharger“. 240 km distancijai šis kroviklis akumuliatorius pripildys vos per 30 min.

Pirmosios tokio tipo pakrovimo stotelės jau greitu metu pasirodys Kalifornijoje, Nevadoje ir Arizonoje. Ką čia greitu metu, šešios tokios stotelės jau veikia.

„Tesla“ kompanijos inžinieriai dirba, kad sukurtų šios sistemos versiją, tinkamą namams. Kitąmet tokios „Supercharger“ pakrovimo stotelės pasirodys Europoje.


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John Carpenter had solely shot and scored 2 semi-obscure options once the manager producer Irwin Yablans came to him with a proposal: create a cheap film regarding babysitters being dead. “It was a atrocious plan,” Mr. Carpenter aforementioned in a very recent interview. “But I needed to form a lot of movies, so I said, ‘Great!’”

Forty years later, that film — “Halloween” — continues to spawn sequels, remakes and reboots. The latest, additionally titled “Halloween” and gap Gregorian calendar month. 19, brings back Laurie Strode (Jamie Lee Curtis), the only survivor of the disguised diseased person Michael Myers’s initial rampage. currently a gun-toting granny, she’s hellbent on killing the on the face of it immortal Myers. “The issue that actually moves American state regarding returning of these years later is that the fans’ deep love and reverence,” Ms. phytologist aforementioned. “The passion for this film is incredibly powerful.”

Mr. Carpenter, Ms. Curtis, four of her co-stars et al. spoke regarding their reminiscences of creating the initial film. “It’s the best expertise I’ve ever had professionally,” Ms. phytologist aforementioned. “It gave American state everything in my inventive life.”
JOHN CARPENTER it had been terribly sensible. I can’t believe no one else had known as their film “Halloween” before. I told Irwin I needed picture and my name higher than the title. it had been vital on behalf of me to possess management over my very own film. He said, “Yeah, sure.”

For the key role of Laurie, Mr. Carpenter solid Ms. Curtis, the 19-year-old girl of Janet Vivien Leigh, star of Alfred the Great Hitchcock’s seminal slasher film “Psycho.” many years earlier, the producers of “The Exorcist” thought of casting Ms. phytologist because the possessed kid Regan, but Ms. Vivien Leigh wouldn’t permit it. (The role visited Linda national leader.)

JAMIE LEE phytologist My mother was protective American state from being a baby within the film business. Later, I got a locality on the basic principle program “Operation underskirt.” i used to be pink-slipped, and that i was blasted. Had I not been pink-slipped, I wouldn’t are offered for “Halloween.” As my Judaic family would say, it had been bashert — meant to be. I didn’t provides it a rethink that it had been a horror film, and my mamma had been in a very horror film.
CARPENTER That was pretty obvious — I wasn’t dumb. however the rationale I solid her is she might play this innocent, pent-up woman, and she or he had a spark of intelligence regarding her. This was her initial film, therefore I known as her once the primary day of shooting. She required that.

CURTIS once the phone rang at my house the primary night and my friend told American state it had been John, i assumed I had been pink-slipped. As presently as I picked up the phone, I detected John say in his sweet Southern voice, “Darlin’, I simply needed to inform you ways nice these days was.” That has ne'er happened to American state since.

Mr. Carpenter noncommissioned Nick Castle, a fellow alum of the University of Southern California film faculty, to play Michael.

Anschauen "Halloween" Film online 4K HD Deutch 2018

NICK CASTLE I aforementioned, “I’d wish to get on the set whereas you direct as a result of it’ll clear up the expertise on behalf of me.” John aforementioned, “Great, we’re about to have a man walk around in a very mask. Why don’t you are doing it?” it had been as easy as that.

CARPENTER Nick’s pop was a creator, and Nick encompasses a grace to his movements. i'd say, “Nick, beat out here and … action!” That’s what I required him for, and he was good for it.

CASTLE It didn’t take about to Juilliard to be ready to do that, however individuals appear to love the movements I did. i used to be clay in John’s hands.
The production designer Tommy Lee Wallace visited Bert Wheeler’s magic look on Hollywood street to shop for a mask for Michael. He came back with two: a clown mask and one in every of William Shatner as Captain church on “Star Trek.”

CASTLE Tommy came in with the clown mask on, and that we went, “Ooh, that’s quite alarming.” Then he placed on the Shatner mask, and that we stopped dead and aforementioned, “It’s good.”
Nick Castle as Michael Myers. The mask was Captain church from “Star Trek,” painted white.CreditCompass International footage

CARPENTER Tommy had spray-painted it white and cut the eyeholes larger. it had been chilling. It’s weird to wear a personality's face. I went up to William Shatner at a convention once and aforementioned, “Hi, I’m John Carpenter.” He was on his wireless telephone and ne'er explored.

WILLIAM SHATNER I don’t bear in mind that. i'd like to meet him. He’s a really gifted man.

CARPENTER that's such [expletive]!

SHATNER i assumed it might be amusing once if I took my very own kids dead set trick or treat and that i wore the mask. If they didn’t provide my youngsters a treat, I took off the mask.
To lend the film bearing, Mr. Carpenter solid the reputable British actor Donald Pleasence (“The nice Escape”) as Michael’s specialist, Loomis.

CARPENTER i used to be ab initio panicky as a result of he aforementioned to American state, “I don’t apprehend why I’m doing this film. the sole reason is my girl likeable the music you wrote in your alternative film, ‘Assault on city district thirteen.’” however we have a tendency to became quick friends.

One of Laurie’s attention charges, Lindsey, was vie by Kyle semiotician, a veteran kid actor World Health Organization grew up to become a star of “The Real Housewives of metropolis.”

[Halloween] Ganzer Film (2018) Stream Deutsch HD komplett Online

KYLE semiotician individuals joke and say, “What’s scarier: shooting ‘Real Housewives’ or ‘Halloween’? and that i say, “That’s laborious on behalf of me to answer.” it had been extremely alarming to observe myself in this film. once I saw it, I had to bang my mamma till i used to be fifteen.
Working with a $300,000 budget, everybody had to eat. solid members helped adult male. Carpenter beautify the set. The film was shot in Southern California in spring, however leaves were hand-painted to form it appear as if Gregorian calendar month in Haddonfield, Ill., wherever the film was set.
CARPENTER we have a tendency to were youngsters, and that we needed to be within the film business. There wasn’t heaps of ego concerned. everyone was operating along, and it had been fun. You don’t get to possess a full ton of fun in movies.

NANCY LOOMIS (the sitter Annie) John knew what he needed technically as a result of he understood the medium. There was no reflection. it had been simply, “Let’s leave and create this film, and let’s rejoice.”

CARPENTER My job, plain and easy, was to scare the audience. It didn’t got to be something over that. The film was a thrill ride.

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Ganzer Film [Halloween] Stream (2018) Deutsch 4K HD Online komplett

Nowhere was adult male. Carpenter’s mastery a lot of evident than within the movie’s gap — a five-minute single take from the killer’s purpose of read. He recorded it with a brand new camera, the Panaglide, that gave hand-held scenes a antecedently unseen smoothness.

CARPENTER The gap shot was a show-offy issue to try and do, once you trust the classic movies that have long pursuit shots like “Touch of Evil” and “Scarface.” it had been a challenge, and that’s why it had been exciting.

CURTIS That was the Day of Judgment of shooting. as a result of it had been such a restricted budget, there have been moments within the gap shot wherever electricians would run into another area as presently because the camera passed them to lightweight another corner. it had been terribly exciting to observe.
CARPENTER The Panaglide had a movement that was distinctive. The camera swayed back and forth, and it additional one thing extremely strange and spooky.

Also tributary to the film’s impact was its spookily effective score, composed by adult male. Carpenter and attributable to the Bowling inexperienced Philharmonic Orchestra. (The director had attended Western Bluegrass State University in Bowling inexperienced, Ky.)

CARPENTER I solely had 3 days to jot down it, and also the main title was a piano riff on my father teaching American state 5/4 time on the bongos once I was thirteen. i assumed it had been uncommon. I Sat down at the piano, known as my father and vie it. It’s a really easy score. The Bowling inexperienced Philharmonic Orchestra was simply American state and also the synthesizer prof at U.S.C., a really nice man named Dan Wyman. we have a tendency to had no cash, therefore that’s however you create a cheap film.

LOOMIS the primary time I saw the film, it had been a pic while not the music, and that i thought, “Oh, this can be therefore unmemorable.” Then I visited a screening once the score was finished, and that i was floored by however terrific the film was.

The film ab initio Drew negative reviews and began slowly at the box workplace.

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Film Halloween Streaming 4K HD Italiano 2018

CARPENTER the primary spherical of reviews, i used to be crapped on extremely badly as a director.

CURTIS It wasn’t an enormous success initially. I didn’t get any work from it, aside from Associate in Nursing episode of “The Love Boat” wherever I vie my mother’s girl. it had been demeaning, however at constant time, it had been a gig.
But “Halloween” engineered into a viva-voce hit and eventually earned raves from potent critics like Roger Ebert, World Health Organization gave it four stars and likened it to “Psycho.”

CURTIS I bear in mind about to see it in Hollywood, and within the middle of the film, once Laurie is walking across the road to the house wherever P.J. Soles’s character has simply been inhibited, this girl stood up and screamed, “Don’t come in there!” in this second, I understood precisely what John meant. The audience cared regarding Laurie.

CARPENTER i used to be delighted once critics started laudatory it.

The film terminated up establishing the careers of adult male. Carpenter and Ms. Curtis.

Halloween 2018 Streaming ITA, Guarda Film Completo Italiano HD

Halloween Streaming ITA 2018 - Guarda@ Completo HD

CARPENTER It created my career. It got American state noticed and associated American state with horror films. It brought American state work from then on.

CURTIS the celebs fell on American state, and that i don’t apprehend why. I’m nearly sixty years recent, and I’m sitting in a very tower with a bodyguard outside my area reprehension The big apple Times.

“Halloween” became the foremost successful freelance film ever at the time of its unharness, grossing nearly $50 million domestically (about $180 million in today’s dollars). nonetheless it additionally galvanized a backlash among some feminist critics, World Health Organization noted that the virginal Laurie survives whereas her promiscuous friends area unit slain.
LOOMIS The film could be a superb example of wherever the structure stood at that time. the very fact that John has aforementioned that wasn’t intentional is absolutely to the purpose. it had been the norm.

CARPENTER the most important mistake of my life was I visited get a souvenir at a women’s fete, and that i was booed. I merited it, I guess.

CURTIS The film has spawned heaps of pH scale.D.s, and that’s nice as a result of we'd like a lot of people that suppose.

Halloween STREAMING ITA Completo Altadefinizione | Vedere Film

In another sense, the film advanced feminism because it established Ms. Hill (who died at fifty four in 2005) as a pioneering writer-producer Associate in Nursingd an potent advocate for equality.
RICHARDS As a baby, seeing a lady in a very powerful position did stand dead set American state. I bear in mind thinking, “Wow, this girl is one in every of the bosses.”

SOLES Debra extremely was a thought and it had been John World Health Organization, while not a doubt, inspired her forward momentum.

CURTIS She was greatly a partner to John, however she was over that. She was the voice of all 3 ladies within the film. I became terribly, terribly shut friends with Debra, and that i miss her really.
Jamie Lee phytologist as Laurie Strode within the new “Halloween.”CreditRyan Green/Universal footage.

Anschauen Film "Halloween" 2018 4K HD German Ganzer

Although Michael Myers escapes at the tip of the initial “Halloween,” there have been no plans for sequels or remakes — abundant less ten, as well as the 2018 version.

CURTIS It failed to begin as a franchise. nobody involved the film anticipated it might grow its own trade.

CARPENTER Michael’s disappearance at the tip of the primary film causes you to gasp, and that i needed to depart the audience that means. I didn’t need any sequels. Boy, was I wrong, huh?

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Halloween ganzes Film online anschauen 4K HD 2018
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